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Do we really want/need a videographer for our wedding?

We may not get this question asked of us directly, but we know firsthand it's a question many couples ask themselves. Many people go into their wedding day thinking photographs will be sufficient for capturing their day.  While photos are an absolute must have for any wedding, a video that captures the movement, feelings, emotions, and the way the day unfolded is invaluable for remembering your day.  Wedding videos have come so incredibly far in recent years; they have become pieces of art to tell your story rather than a long, drawn out, and often rather boring look at a wedding.  In addition to this, videos used to be kept solely on a DVD or VHS that you'd have to actively decide to watch seated, in your living room, on your television. Now, videos are more accessible to us than ever as we can keep them on our phones, clouds, social media, computers, etc. 

Do you offer photography?

Sadly, no. The photos you see on our Instagram, website and anywhere else are just stills from video footage. We know that this coupled with the fact that the word "Pictures" is in our name can be confusing! The word "Pictures" in our name is referencing motion pictures, rather than photography.

How Would you describe your film style?

Scala Pictures desires to create an artistic and honest account of events.  We enjoy using handheld cameras and remaining unobtrusive observers as moments unfold rather than getting into the middle of things with too much posed intervention.  In that sense, you could say our videos are almost like documentaries, with the intention of bringing back the feelings of an event in an alternative and creative way.

How do you choose your music?

We take into account the feelings we felt while shooting, and attempt to use songs that evoke those feelings and create an interesting backdrop for the footage of your day.  We also love getting a sense of your relationship together during the wedding day and want to capture that essence with the music we choose. 

Are you able to travel to _______?

Most likely the answer is yes!  We absolutely love to travel, so please don't hesitate to reach out even if you're headed somewhere far away from the West Coast.  Even though it may seem as if it would cost a fortune to cover travel for your wedding vendors, often times if it's somewhere we've been hoping to get to, we're willing to cover some of the travel costs ourselves.

Is there anything I can do personally to make my video better?

Yes there is: be present.  Feel the emotions of the day.  Try to pretend like we're not even there.  We promise that true genuine feelings always make any film more interesting to watch.  If you feel uncomfortable or stoic, you most likely look that way on camera, too.  So relax, and enjoy the ride.  We'll take care of the rest.